Training a New Generation of Glatfelter PEOPLE

A Gernsbach apprenticeship program develops talented and loyal employees.

The ability to develop highly skilled workers in the specialized world of composite fibers manufacturing is a key competitive advantage, and one that leaders of Glatfelter’s Composite Fibers Business Unit facility in Gernsbach leverage through a proven apprenticeship program.

Apprentices alternate for three years between a vocational education classroom and the Gernsbach facility. There, they receive real-world experience to become proficient in such professions as paper technology engineer, industrial clerk (office worker), electrical technician, and industrial mechanic, careers that depend on internship-trained workers.

“This combination of theory and practice gives a real head start into the job,” says Angela Spicola-Hanoman, Glatfelter’s personnel development manager in Gernsbach. “By the time they complete the training, they have the required technical knowledge and hands-on experience in their job.”

According to Spicola-Hanoman, 350 applicants vie for 14 apprenticeships each year. Nearly all apprentices complete their on-the-job training and go on to become loyal employees. “Ninety-two percent of our apprentices become Glatfelter employees,” Spicola-Hanoman says. “In fact, more than 40 percent of Gernsbach’s 650 employees are former apprentices.”

The company also supports three-year student training programs that lead to graduates earning a Bachelor of Arts – Industry, Bachelor of Engineering – Paper and Technology, or Bachelor of Science – Industrial Safety degree.

Gernsbach’s training and apprenticeship programs are just one example of Glatfelter’s dedication to developing a world-class workforce with the technical know-how and commitment to customer service that customers have come to rely on for more than 150 years.