Looking for New Talent?

The best approach for recruiting top hires includes a social media strategy.

Social media affords businesses many advantages, but perhaps the most underrated is the power of employee recruitment.

As of November 2016, 78 percent of college graduates and 69 percent of the total adult population in the United States use social media, according to findings from the Pew Research Center. With so many users, companies like Glatfelter, a global supplier and leading manufacturer of specialty papers and engineered materials, can use a social strategy to reach more, higher-qualified active job seekers and passive candidates than other forms of recruiting can do alone.

Taylor Miller, HR business partner at Glatfelter, and Karla Heberlig, Glatfelter’s communications analyst, say the company’s social recruitment strategy has a two-pronged approach that includes communicating and connecting with targeted audiences and showcasing Glatfelter’s highlights, mission, and culture:

Create a checklist. What position are you looking to fill? Are there other industries that could offer up great candidates? Are you looking to recruit employees for a less-populated or rural location? Miller says questions like these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to targeted social recruiting. LinkedIn, for example, allows recruiters to browse professional profiles based on queries such as experience, education, and company pages the user follows, among other things. Miller says this method allows Glatfelter to reach out to active candidates and passive candidates—those who are happy with their jobs but still use sites for networking. “From a recruiting perspective, especially for remote recruiting, it provides a higher caliber of potential candidates,” Miller says.

Consider content. Prospective employees have to be treated as prospective customers because of all the options and information sources available to them. Heberlig says this mindset helps frame Glatfelter’s overall social media approach, where the company shares employee stories, product highlights, and articles and insights that customers would find helpful. Heberlig says the company invests in targeting certain posts based on what types of applicants Glatfelter is searching for.

“The goal is to position Glatfelter as a thought leader and to advance our employment brand. [We] create not a perception but actually show that Glatfelter is a great place to work,” says Heberlig.