She’s Book Publishing’s Obstacle-Buster and Problem-Solver

As a 25-year-veteran of the paper industry, Karen Ehman proudly carries on Glatfelter’s longstanding tradition of selling premier book publishing papers. But, she admits, her schedule can get a little hectic at times.

In today’s timing-is-everything publishing world, getting the right paper to the right book printer at the right time requires more than just sales know-how. “Obstacle-buster and problem-solver, that’s what my title should be,” says Ehman.

Unforeseen events—such as national or world news, or the death of a prominent figure (about whom a book will be quickly written)—can generate unexpected sales of a book and an urgent demand for paper. The endless options for combinations of book paper color, weight, and size make preparing ahead for such emergencies impossible.

That requires Ehman to have ready knowledge of roll widths, paper thickness, and production schedules for the manufacture of the certain paper that the customer is specifying for a job. She needs to know all of this at the time she places a rush order for book paper at Glatfelter’s facilities in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, or Chillicothe, Ohio.

“I’m not going to be replaced by a robot anytime soon,” says Ehman.