Top 5 Carbonless Applications

Big and small businesses continue to rely on the multipart paper.

You might consider carbonless paper more vintage than vogue, but the trusted multipart paper continues to fill a void for a variety of businesses everywhere.

“People use carbonless daily and just don’t put a lot of stock into it because they see [the paper] all the time,” says Kyrsa Severson, a Glatfelter key account manager covering the Western states.

Laser printers, electronic forms, and other technology continue to encroach on the carbonless forms market. However, according to Pat Mudd, a national account manager for Glatfelter who serves the Midwest and Eastern parts of the United States, there continues to be a demand for multipart forms, particularly in smaller businesses.

Severson and Mudd share five popular carbonless applications:

  1. Invoices. For many businesses, particularly those on the move (think: plumbers, carpet cleaners, etc.), the two-ply carbonless invoice continues to be the go-to method for billing customers.
  1. Shipping documents. Companies often rely on carbonless forms when signatures are required for shipped goods, especially in tough, outdoor environments where technological equipment could be easily damaged.
  1. Bills of lading. Shipping goods around the country entails some form of a bill of lading in which signatures are required in duplicate or triplicate—depending on the number of parties involved.
  1. Oil or gas delivery receipts. Drivers tasked with topping off propane tanks or delivering heating oil use carbonless receipts for the customer and the company to verify the amount of product delivered.
  1. Guest checks and more. Whether it’s the two-part guest check at your favorite local diner or a hand-written receipt from your dry cleaners, many small businesses depend on carbonless to track their daily receipts.