Two Heads Are Better Than One

Joining forces with a trusted partner can help you spark innovation and tackle tough business challenges.

Glatfelter’s Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, facility runs continuously—24 hours a day, seven days a week—to provide quality specialty papers and fiber-based engineered materials to its customers.

The resulting wear and stress on equipment requires constant vigilance. When the facility’s predictive maintenance team wanted a safe way to consistently monitor reliability in hard-to-reach machines, they searched for an innovative technological solution.

Glatfelter found one with KCF Technologies, a Pennsylvania-based company that uses wireless technology and SmartDiagnostics® vibration monitoring sensors to send data to a cloud. The information, monitored by KCF engineers and Glatfelter’s predictive maintenance technicians, is used to conduct more efficient problem-solving sessions. The result is fewer equipment failures, increased operational capacity, and enhanced production—all while keeping Glatfelter PEOPLE safe.

But the relationship between Glatfelter and KCF Technologies goes far beyond that of buyer and seller. “It’s truly a partnership,” says Kevin Laughman, Glatfelter’s reliability manager.

Laughman offers two tips for tackling tough business challenges alongside a trusted partner:

Know when to seek outside help. Start by identifying your company’s business gaps, and then seek out potential partners that specialize in what you’re lacking. Before selecting a partner, make sure the prospective vendor has a proven track record of close working relationships with its clients.

Build on each other’s strengths. Once a project gets underway, leverage what each other does well. Foster ongoing communication, be up front about problems that arise, and be willing to go through trial-and-error periods until you discover the best solution.

Working with a trusted partner can help you achieve—and often exceed—desired business outcomes. In fact, the results can even be award-winning. In recognition of its specialized use of technology and data analysis to improve equipment reliability, Glatfelter received the 2016 Manufacturing Innovator of the Year award from a regional manufacturing association.