Nurturing Your Next-generation Workforce in a Mature Industry

Try these 3 tips to make your internship program attractive to Millennials.

Attracting top talent to a mature industry can be tough. However, a well-developed internship program is an effective first step in cultivating your next-generation workforce.

“Internships are a great way to help students get to know your company and your industry, and why it’s an exciting place to work,” says Taylor Miller, human resources generalist II for Glatfelter.

Miller shares her top three tips for creating career-building internships:

Assign interns meaningful projects

It’s counterproductive to bring in an intern to file paperwork. Instead, give them projects they might see as an entry-level employee. Projects must be related to the intern’s major and also be meaningful to your business.

Encourage connections

While it’s important for every intern to have one manager, encourage him or her to make connections with people at all levels of the organization. Full-time employees can eagerly share with the intern the breadth and depth of work that goes on at your company.

Invest in their success

One of the best things you can do for your interns is to teach them how to be good employees. That’s why Miller and her team created Glatfelter University, a series of career-prep sessions that have included business finance, navigating 401(k) and benefit options, understanding different working styles through personality assessments, and a Q&A discussion with the company’s chief executive officer and vice president of human resources.

“We’re definitely grooming the next generation of Glatfelter PEOPLE,” says Miller. And whether an intern chooses to come work for the company or not, “we’re also helping these students, many from our local communities, be more prepared for the workforce ahead of them,” she adds.