Papermaker Spotlight: Danielle Crabtree

“I honestly believe I have the best job on the planet.”

Coach. Trainer. Advocate. Firefighter. EMT. Hazmat tech.

Danielle Crabtree wears many hats as an hourly safety advocate at Glatfelter’s Chillicothe paper mill—and all of those roles are a far cry from the banking career she left 14 years ago.

“I’ve always been fascinated with how things are created,” says Crabtree about her decision to join Glatfelter, a manufacturing firm. She spent 10 years working on different paper machines before being tapped for a safety advocate position.

In her current role, Crabtree serves as a liaison between the mill’s hourly workforce and management, and she is always on the lookout for safer ways of doing things. She brings in new tools and safety equipment, conducts new-hire safety orientations and fire extinguisher trainings, and helps hourly employees address any safety concerns. She’s also a certified industrial fork truck trainer and is an OSHA industrial trainer.

“When someone sees me on the mill floor, I want them to look at me as an avenue for help,” says Crabtree. “If they don’t understand something, I’m there to coach so that everybody leaves exactly the same way they came here.”

Crabtree’s desire to serve and protect is reflected in her roles on the mill’s emergency response team. As a firefighter, EMT-Intermediate, and Hazmat tech, she’s trained to respond to any type of emergency at the mill, including high ropes rescues.

“I honestly believe I have the best job on the planet,” says Crabtree. “I’m happy to help people and make things better.”