The Five A’s of Phenomenal Customer Service

Follow these simple steps to keep buyers satisfied after the sale.

Landing a big sale is a thrilling moment, yet successful companies understand everything that happens after the sale is just as important when it comes to creating happy—and repeat—customers.

Customer service is key, never more so than in industries where products and prices run neck and neck with competitors. It’s a reality that Jennifer Valentine, service and planning manager for Glatfelter’s Specialty Papers Business Unit (SPBU) in Chillicothe, Ohio, understands all too well.

“In order for us to be successful, we have to provide a level of service that our competitors can’t,” Valentine says.

Valentine and Jennifer Huff, customer service and special projects manager for Glatfelter’s SPBU, manage three team leaders and 25 customer service representatives for the global paper manufacturer.

Here, Huff shares five tips for delivering phenomenal customer service each and every time:

Accuracy. Strong attention to detail is essential. When mistakes happen, learn from them and take necessary action to prevent recurrences.

Accountability. Understand you are accountable for your performance. Take pride in what you do, and strive to exceed customer expectations and anticipate customer needs. Consider a follow-up call to make sure the product is performing as expected.

Accessibility. “You have to be available to your customer and be responsive all the way through [the sales process],” says Huff. Quickly respond to emails, be available for calls, and provide prompt issue resolution.

Attitude. Remain positive and composed, even when under pressure. “We’re always having a good day in the eyes of the customer,” says Huff.

Adaptability. Be flexible and open to change. Identify opportunities, and quickly act on them.