If You Count on Carbonless, Then Count on Glatfelter

Glatfelter focuses on short-run production to serve a smaller but broad market.

Glatfelter continues to stress flexibility in serving the carbonless paper market and its customers. Although the industry has seen a reduction in the production of long-run carbonless paper, its short-run carbonless paper forms continue to increase based on other needs of the industry. Glatfelter’s product lineup continues to evolve accordingly, and Glatfelter has recently invested in its carbonless sheet offering to meet the demands from small business customers.

According to Tom Wernoch, director of sales for printing and imaging papers at
Glatfelter, even though the carbonless-paper market is declining overall, its breadth of use justifies the transition to short-run production. “Carbonless paper can be used for receipts, purchase orders, statements, invoices, appraisals, sales slips, service orders—there are all kinds of different industries that use it,” Wernoch says. “[Examples are] plumbers, electricians, florists, auto sales, and small business owners that rely on the benefits of carbonless paper to run successful companies.”

To help differentiate its carbonless paper offerings, Glatfelter created a new customer loyalty program, XL1 Rewards. Users can scan reward tickets found in cartons of carbonless paper they use to build points and redeem for prizes including televisions, bicycles, computers, and other high-end items. This new initiative uses a website and a smartphone app to make participation easier and more user-friendly. The program is open to all printers that use Glatfelter’s carbonless sheets and their paper merchant partners that distribute Glatfelter’s carbonless products.

“Although carbonless forms are on the decline, the segment is still very strategic to Glatfelter,” Wernoch says. “We continue to invest in both manufacturing and marketing initiatives to help our customers grow—we remain committed to this segment of the paper industry.”