Imagination Comes to Life

“If you give a box of LEGOS® to a child, every day he will build something new,” says Aline Havard.
And so it is with composite fibers. “Like a toy, you can assemble the pieces that you want. At the end, you get something very interesting,” she says.
Whether it’s insulation to keep cryogenic vessels cool, packaging for optical lenses that will not scratch glass, face masks worn in hospital operating rooms, nicotine patches to help smokers quit smoking, or double-sided tape and dispersible wipes, Glatfelter’s composite fiber grades are everywhere.
“Just by changing a binder or some fibers, you have a completely new product,” says Havard. By listening to the needs of her customers and working with Glatfelter’s New Product Development Team, she helps identify completely new applications and business opportunities in addition to selling existing products.
“The only limit you have is your own imagination,” says Havard, and that is what makes her job so exciting.