Inkjet Printing Has Never Been Easier

Renaming a boat is considered tempting fate and requires adherence to a strict mariner’s protocol to ensure the boat will not be plagued by misfortune. This time-honored ritual usually involves an invocation and supplication to nautical gods, a rededication ceremony infused with libations, and other propitious fanfare.

Conversely, the renaming of Glatfelter’s extensive portfolio of high-speed inkjet papers has ensured smooth sailing for their many inkjet paper customers. The new streamlined Pixelle® names and product categories will help existing and new customers more easily navigate the Pixelle® portfolio and select the best paper for the job at hand.

The design and specifications of the high-quality Pixelle products will remain the same, but Glatfelter has updated the look with a new, sophisticated logo and refreshed product names and categories so that customers don’t get bogged down. Customers can readily select the right paper for the right job—from statements to books to color-critical premium marketing materials.

With more than 30 products, Glatfelter’s Pixelle line boasts the most comprehensive portfolio of high-speed inkjet papers in the market and includes untreated, treated, and coated paper selections for an array of needs. All the selections are specifically engineered to optimize the benefits and nimbleness of inkjet printing. Speeds are faster, colors are brilliant, and variable data can be used flawlessly and efficiently to enhance marketing materials and make them more relevant and engaging.

The extensive selection of Pixelle high-speed inkjet paper makes it easier for users to dial in the perfect balance between speed, quality, and ink consumption—while delivering amazing production output and lowering overall costs. Glatfelter’s steadfast commitment to inkjet technology means customers don’t have to double-source or backtrack for their printing needs. Having a one-stop paper destination saves customers time and money.