Trade Book Custom End Leaf Papers

A reader’s experience with a book starts long before reaching page No. 1.
The reader’s sensory immersion begins the very instant the hardcover book is picked up and held in the hands, and the complete experience fully takes off once the cover is cracked open.

From the feel of the pages, crisp and fresh between the fingers, to the soft flipping sound of each turn, there is much more to enjoy in a book than just the words on the page.

It’s without a single word that custom end leaf papers serve as the perfect prologue and thoughtful epilogue for any hardcover book. They set the tone for the pages that follow, tying up with a bow the pages that came before. Sturdy and smooth, the end sheets cradle the inside pages without threat of cracking or tearing—no matter how often the book is opened to be read and reread.

When the color or textured stock of the end leaf papers is selected by an author or publisher, those sheets become part of the story that is that book.

In Harper Lee’s much anticipated novel Go Set a Watchman (Harper 2015), the substantial end sheets of ambient blue paper frame Lee’s words and, along with them, the excitement and expectations of millions of readers. Adhered to the deep black cover, which is embossed with the name “Harper Lee” and stamped with silver foil, the end leaf papers complement the recognizable cover jacket.

End leaf papers add character and personality to some of today’s most coveted and talked about books, including the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins and The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling.

The opportunities for end leaf papers to enrich the reading experience are as limitless as the titles to which they belong.