E-Nothing! The Paper Book Still Reigns Supreme!

Modern books adhere to a format stretching back to ancient Rome. Despite our obsession with all things new and digital, paper books remain our favorite medium for reading text.

It’s not just aesthetics or liberation from power cords and batteries. Recent studies show that most of us prefer to read information in a printed book because we actually retain more information when we do.

Even younger generations stick with this traditional format. Research shows that current-day college students prefer studying from print books by wide margins, finding it more effective than studying from electronic versions of texts.

Reading is a complex cognitive task, but researchers think that paper books bring together a number of sensory experiences in a way that helps us process and retain information. After scientists monitored reading patterns, their results show that a paper book’s layout naturally encourages readers to stay more engaged, in contrast to the skimming behavior encouraged by electronic texts.

Dedicated booklovers need no proof: The look, smell, feel, and sounds of books are pleasures all their own, intimately connected to the enjoyment of the contents. Bibliophiles treasure books, displaying them on shelves like trophies: a physical representation of knowledge won. You simply can’t do that with an eBook.

The publishing industry is printing more engaging books than ever before. With a century of experience and quality behind all fine Glatfelter papers, publishers are joining the best materials, formats, and content together to continue the magical experience of the paper book.

The satisfaction begins when the reader opens the cover and catches sight of rich end papers. It carries on with the tactile pleasure and soft sounds of pages turning, pulling the reader into the world of ideas and imagination. After all these centuries, books still cast a spell over the reader, even when the reader reaches “The End.”

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