Encapsulate Infinite Possibilities

Step right up, folks! Watch magic happen before your very eyes! Not only will you wondrously see color appear on this paper—yet absolutely nowhere else—but you’ll also get a chance to try on clothing that releases fragrance and skin softeners while wicking away moisture at the same time!

[People ooh and aah]

It sounds exciting, and surely it is, but what appears to be “magic” is actually science: g-force microencapsulation technology, to be exact, or the method in which product developers add microscopic capsules to a myriad of core materials.

You may not be aware, but chances are great that you’ve already been exposed to the unique features and benefits of g-force microencapsulation. Consider scratch-and-sniff paper, for example: Scent-filled capsules are added to paper; the pressure of “scratching” the paper bursts the capsules, releasing the scent.

Think about the clothing you’ve already worn, possibly aerobic attire advertised to keep you sweat-free-and-fresh during workouts: Time-released capsules are added to the fibers in clothing, designed to pull away moisture and release fragrances and skin softeners, too.

Or perhaps you’ve purchased paint specifically for its durability and resistance to mildew: Antimicrobial protection and UV resistance have been added to such paint, creating longer-lasting, mildew-resistant paint.

Have you ever walked on carpet that smells fresh with each step that bursts microscopic capsules in the fibers of the carpet, releasing aromatic scents? Or have you enjoyed potato chips that seem to pop with hints of jalapeno flavor in each bite?

From the towel you dry off with in the morning (after enjoying personal products with skin softeners and scents released in the shower) to the candles you burn in the evening before putting on your fresh linen-scented pajamas, g-force microencapsulation is everywhere—and the technology opens the door to infinite products and possibilities.