The Uncoated “Work Horse” of the Industry

Sturdy. Dependable. Trustworthy. These words may conjure up images of the perfect employee or boss, or maybe even the ideal marriage partner. In our global paper industry, there is no doubt that “sturdy,” “dependable,” and “trustworthy” describe uncoated stock—the “work horse” of the paper industry—and for astoundingly ample reasons:

The massive range of uses of uncoated stock includes

  • Over 1 million registered hospitals in the U.S. that utilize approximately 1,500 variations of paperwork each and every day (discharge papers, procedure requests, hospital bills, etc.).
  • More than 45,000 hotels and motels in the U.S. that offer travelers over 3.6 million guest rooms on any given day—and 3.6 million guest checks, too. Daily.
  • A statewide electric and natural gas utility company that services more than 1.8 million customers—and sends out more than 1.8 million bills monthly.
  • A popular national magazine that reaches 71.4 million people—and delivers 71.4 million invoices annually as well.

The 3.6 million hotel bills or 1.8 million utility company invoices sent needn’t be fancy; they do need to be consistent and precise, millions and billions of times over. When high volume and quality are consistently needed, uncoated printing papers are the trusted (and often the least expensive) solution.

Providing quick, durable, and trouble-free printing, uncoated stock is the reliable paper choice of many, for many—the “work horse” of the industry.