On the Home Front

Customized service solutions provide a statement printer with domestic sourcing and reliable stock.

Billing statements are standbys in the lives of most Americans. Month after month, these papers arrive at our homes and businesses, alerting us to outstanding balances, service details, or updated account information.

Although we’re more than familiar with these statements, we don’t often give them much thought beyond dutifully sending them back with our payments, or filing them away for future reference. And that’s exactly as it should be.

However, when you’re one of the nation’s foremost data center printers, specializing in statement and invoice printing for multiple large client companies in diverse industries, the details are very important. It’s crucial to have an adequate supply of paper available to produce systematic mass mailings on schedule. And the printed text on the paper must look professional and be easy to read. Of course, the cost of production must be manageable, too.

Having a domestic supplier to handle these paper needs was imperative for this U.S.-based high-production printer. And Glatfelter, a global paper manufacturing company headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, fit the domestic-partner bill.

The Background

Before its partnership with Glatfelter, the data center printer had been working primarily with an offshore paper supplier. With the constant risk of shipping delays, the data center printer recognized the need for a trustworthy domestic supplier that offered excellent customer service, production flexibility, and cost efficiency.

The Problem

Due to unpredictable circumstances such as dock strikes, severe weather, and port issues, paper stock shipments were sometimes delayed from the data center printer’s offshore suppliers. These delays compromised the printer’s tight production schedule and threatened the precision timing in which the statements were to be mailed. Further, the data center printer also experienced occasional and unpredictable surges in demand for its services—an issue the offshore supplier might not be able to handle. In a business where there is little leeway for disruptions, the need for a domestic paper supplier partner became apparent.

Still, the data center printer had become accustomed to the contrast of the text ink color it printed on the offshore supplier’s bluish-tinted paper, which caused the text to “pop” and provided excellent readability for the recipients of the statements. If a domestic paper supplier partner were to earn the data center printer’s business, then that bluish shade of the current paper stock would need to be duplicated.

The Solution

Through a series of conversations, Glatfelter representatives were able to determine the data center printer’s needs and create a custom service solution that addressed each one.

To ensure its client got the print/paper contrast it was looking for, Glatfelter developed a brighter sheet of paper that carried the same bluish tint as the offshore supplier’s stock and one that also worked well with the client’s high-speed inkjet printers. With manufacturing plants and warehouses located domestically—each with intermodal delivery options—Glatfelter offered the shipping flexibility the client needed at a commodity price. Offering the client exceptional stateside customer service and inventory accessibility has opened the door to extensive conversations, enabling the partnership to further grow and solidify.

The Results

Partnering with Glatfelter has provided the data center printer with a consistent domestic supply chain while simultaneously allowing it to maintain excellent press productivity. The client is assured that regardless of production surges or overseas incidents, it will have the stock it needs, whenever the stock is needed. As a result, Glatfelter’s product is now the data center printer’s primary sheet, and the offshore product has become the backup.

Today, Glatfelter and the client have had a nearly decade-long business relationship. Over the past three years, sales and volume have doubled for the Engineered Products division of Glatfelter’s Specialty Papers Business Unit—a testament to the client’s satisfaction with this application partnership. As the track record of service continues and the relationship evolves, additional creative services will be developed, tailored, and proposed.