Making a Masterpiece

A blank page of art paper is at the heart of it all

A cragged and coarse expanse of soft white serves as the backdrop to lines and curves and figures yet unseen. The untouched flatness invokes a deep sense of creativity and imagination—a freedom of expression that can only be inspired by the blank pages of a bare sketch pad. On the rough art paper, every tiny, unobtrusive ridge comes together to create a pedestal of sorts, while smooth-finish art paper provides a splendid stage for an artist’s etchings, portraits, and illustrations.

The surface of the drawing and sketch paper, whether rough or smooth, allows for a free flowing and impressive transfer of the artist’s ideas and visions—from conception to completion. Effortless and clean erasability allows for unhindered alterations whenever the mood strikes or creativity sparks anew. Built-in smudge resistance gingerly guides the focus where it belongs, which is onto the composition.

Even though the art and sketch paper can be produced in many shades, it is seen most often in subtle variations of a calm, natural white color so as to avoid any unnecessary straining of the eye.

This high-end, heavy art paper, ranging in weight from 50 to 70 pound, is the perfect medium for pen-, pencil-, or charcoal-wielding artists who express themselves through dry processes. Filling small 9-inch-by-12-inch sketch pads, sketch pads as big as 24-inches-by-36-inches, and everything in between, this art paper provides a pristine and perfect backdrop for everything from scratching out new ideas to putting the finishing touches on carefully crafted projects fit for framing and display. The micro-perforated pages provide true-sized sheets. Clean edges help to enhance the beauty of the artistry.

Imagination reigns supreme on the empty and versatile surface of the drawing and sketch paper that is bound in gorgeously simple pads. The potential held by each and every page is endless.