Have It Your Way

Imagine yourself viewing your daily mail: Bills (shuffle, shuffle); Dear Resident (toss in recycle bin); Ooh—what’s this?

Hey there, [Your First Name],

Thanks for coming in for an oil change last week. We noticed your [Vehicle Model] is due for new tires. As [Your Birthday Month and Day] is around the corner, please come in to receive your birthday gift: 25 percent off [Your Brand] tires!

[Image: Your vehicle, sparkly new tires, and a birthday bow.]

Personal, eye-catching, and tailor-made to your needs. Appointment for new tires, done! But behind that effective direct marketing material—and behind multiple companies from banks to boutiques enjoying upwards of 30 times their ROI through customized variable data printing—is the need for limitless capacity to produce the personalized, custom messaging: digital printing.

A Michigan-based company, Journals Unlimited, Inc., discovered a need for not only custom messaging—but for custom quantity, too. As reported in the B2B magazine, Bottom Line, interest in personalized options for the company’s “Write it Down” series of journals grew quickly: “Could we get one made with our personal photo on it?” “Could we get 100 journals created featuring our family crest for our family reunion?”

When potential corporate partners like O, The Oprah Magazine, Disney, and Ralph Lauren began requesting opportunities to display corporate logos and artwork on customized Journals Unlimited products, the company needed short-run, custom imaging to meet client demand and quick-turnover, substantial quantities to meet large-scale corporate market demand: digital printing.

For direct mail to direct needs—for limitless capacity to produce personalized messaging and customized imagery in any quantity, quickly and cost effectively—have it your way: digital printing.