Balancing Paper, Power, and Planet

There’s still no paperless world, decades after the predictions. That’s because paper continues to be a growing, essential part of our lives—with vital uses from art to industry.

During 150 years of operation, Glatfelter has been a paper products innovator and producer. We’ve grown with the world, employing 4,400 dedicated people and generating sales exceeding $1.8 billion annually.

As an industry closely connected to our planet’s abundance, Glatfelter is serious about environmental sustainability. Through careful stewardship and cooperation with environmental regulations, we’re investing in the future of our business and communities while protecting the resources we all depend on.

Glatfelter is focused: We are committed to meeting one of our biggest environmental protection endeavors to date. While the Environmental Protection Agency continues to implement the Clean Air Act, several key regulations impact us directly. In particular, the “Best Available Retrofit Technology” and the “Boiler Maximum Achievable Control Technology” (BART/MACT) require adjusting some of the fuels we use to power our facilities.

Making paper is energy intensive. Like most of our industry, Glatfelter has relied upon readily available, affordable coal to heat boilers and power manufacturing operations in the United States facilities. To meet the BART/MACT requirements, our mills in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, and Chillicothe, Ohio, will install cleaner burning natural gas boilers and upgrade current equipment as well.

This change requires extensive investment and new infrastructure as we connect mill sites to natural gas supplies and install new or upgrade current systems. When completed, Glatfelter will operate state-of-the-art facilities that run more efficiently and are in compliance—while simultaneously slashing our greenhouse gas emissions.

This $95 million dollar investment won’t generate a conventional return, but it will help Glatfelter comply with current requirements, and be prepared for the future. The work across our mills in Pennsylvania and Ohio will support more than 2,300 jobs in the local economies where we live and work.

Glatfelter is committed to our communities, our employees, our customers, and our future together, guided by a long tradition of environmental stewardship.