Welcome Home

There is but one word in our English language that truly expresses the feeling of warmth and family, stability and pride … one word that conjures memories of laughter and joy, holidays and togetherness, and the respite of knowing that in this large world there is one place where the door is always open and we are always welcomed: Home.

Soon, through the helping hands and hearts of York Habitat for Humanity, PeoplesBank, and Glatfelter & its PEOPLE, a single mother and her two children will receive the ultimate gift of permanence and pride: A home of their own.

In recognition of the 150th anniversaries of PeoplesBank and Glatfelter, the companies have teamed with York Habitat for Humanity to build and bring to life the 119th Habitat home in Spring Grove, Penn. The Glatfelter-Spring Grove groundbreaking ceremony took place on March 5, 2015.

Right now, the work is underway. Not just the manual work of building subfloors and putting up walls—walls graciously donated by CrossRoads Missions from Louisville, Ky.—but also the labor of love of securing the financial foundation of the home. The success of the build depends on the support of the local community to help raise additional funds and in-kind donations to complete the home.

As Glatfelter leads the way in securing support from local contractors, suppliers, and community members, the two-story, single-family residence continues to come together. At the completion, the family, for the first time, will walk through the door of the place where the door is always open, and mark the first of a lifetime of memories that will surely be made there.

Just before the holidays, at the house dedication in November 2015, the family will be on the receiving end of something far Beyond Paper®, beyond the architect’s sketches and even beyond the deed to the house.

Rachelle Sampere and her two children, Mackenzie and Noah, will receive the gift of commitment, dedication, and the good deeds of PEOPLE, organizations, and companies that came together to build the place where the Sampere family will always be welcomed: Home.

The Sampere Home.

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