The Power of Connection


The day you were born.

The moment you said, “I do.”

Your birth certificate, title to your car, the teenaged joyride in your first car, the deed to your home, and the first night spent in your new home. Significant moments in our lives are absolutely connected to paper.

Friday night poker games, old friends gathering to share a few brews and laughs—playing cards, labels on the beverages of choice. Good times and memories are connected to paper.

That horrible Monday you wish you could forget: the flood in your bathroom, your broken-down vehicle, the phone call, your child’s broken arm, the hospital—the invoice from the plumber, the receipt for payment to the mechanic, and the hospital discharge papers.

The business cards that paved the way to the day you nailed that presentation and the dance you did in celebration when no one was looking. Connected to paper.

The paint swatch in hand for your firstborn’s soon-to-be nursery, the smile that still crosses your face at the crayon-crafted artwork, the lump in your throat as you snapped the picture of your grown child holding a graduation certificate. Paper.

Paper is, has always been, and will always be so much more than an 8 1/2-by-11.

As noted in “A Day in the Paper Life of Average Joe”, every day, whether they are aware of it or not, 40 percent of Americans use a product that contains a paper or fiber component made by Glatfelter.

Consider all that paper truly is, truly becomes, and all that paper is absolutely connected to.

Understand the power of connection and the power of paper becomes yours.