They’re Glatfelter Kind of People

Bill “BongoBilly” Lanphier

Job Title: Key Account Manager
Years at Glatfelter: 14.5
Years in present role: 9
True passion: Alternative folk music (and granola)

For as long as Bill Lanphier has been at Glatfelter, he’s been playing music about three-times longer. With a passion for percussion, Lanphier has performed with a number of alternative folk bands in the Pennsylvania Valley Area. Now, he plays percussion and djembe—a kind of goblet-shaped hand drum that originated in West Africa—for the 3 Dollar Suit band.

“We enjoy playing together and it shows when we are performing,” Lanphier says. “It’s a blast.”

The 3 Dollar Suit band plays a few shows a month at area bars and clubs, and the band performs at a number of festivals during the summer months. The band, which Lanphier says plays about 70 to 80 percent original songs, has released an album, Grainery Road.

When he’s not working or playing with the band, he’s proud to be helping his daughter, Sarah Lanphier Himes, with her burgeoning granola business, Nuts About Granola. In November, Nuts About Granola was featured in Better Homes and Gardens as one of eight top-shelf granolas in the country.