They’re Glatfelter Kind of People

Put a name to a face and a face to a name

Jennifer Valentine

Job Title: Customer Service Manager
Years at Glatfelter: 6
Years in present role: 1
True passion: Volunteering to keep programs in “play”

To outsiders, it might seem like Jennifer Valentine has more than one full-time job. As a former YMCA basketball coach for boys and girls, Valentine knows firsthand the benefits of sports for kids. Now, she has two sons, Aaron, who’s in third grade, and Matt, who’s a sophomore in high school. Both boys play basketball in Chillicothe, Ohio, and dedication from committed parents like Valentine keeps these school programs strong.

“I enjoy developing our program,” she says. “It’s important for the community and builds self-esteem for the kids.”

In her role as secretary of the high school basketball booster club, she helps raise money for equipment, uniforms, and camps.

“Like a lot of schools, the athletic department budgets have been cut pretty dramatically,” Valentine says. “We help provide things they need to help run the program.”

Valentine recently took over coordination of a new basketball little league program for Chillicothe City Schools, helping kids in third through sixth grades to get a strong foundation in the sport. In the first year, 85 children signed up. Valentine spearheaded efforts to find coaches and referees and to schedule games and practices. The community is supportive, and the children and parents are energized and having fun.