They’re Glatfelter Kind of People

Alphons Harrell

Job Title: Customer service team leader, Chillicothe, Ohio – Facility
Years at Glatfelter: 7
Time in present role: 3 months
True passion: Family

Alphons Harrell and his wife, Janet Rose, had been wanting to have children for a while, but never expected to have three overnight.

In May 2012, the couple became foster parents to two girls and a boy, all younger than the age of 5, and Harrell says he’s cherished every minute since. “It’s exactly what we wanted,” says Harrell.

From watching the youngest take her first steps, to seeing the kids’ faces on a trip to Disney World, Harrell says he and his wife, who are affectionately called Buddy and Mom by the kids, have benefited just as much, if not more than the children have.

They went from zero to three kids in a day, but Harrell says he doesn’t see it as hard work, especially with his wife leading the team. “She is the Michael Jordan of this family. I’m the Pippen.”

They are hoping to adopt the children.